Have one of our world class tailors
come to your home to fit you and your family!

When you commit to purchasing at least $10,000 a year in JBD Custom Clothing you are entitled to have one of our world class tailors come to your home!

Concierge Tailor Service includes:

  • Fitting and altering JBD custom garments
  • Fitting consultation for other garments in your and your family’s entire wardrobe
  • Exclusive Special Pricing for expert tailoring on your non JBD garments


What are people saying about JBD Clothier’s Concierge Service?

“JBD has helped me to coordinate an amazing closet full of blazers and suits over the last twelve months. That said, I had a handful of favorites that I wasn’t ready to part with yet, but didn’t fit as good as my new.  After working with JBD’s tailor, it’s like those old favorites came back to life.  I get compliments everywhere I go both in the U.S. and abroad.”

– Ethan Giffin, Co-founder and CEO, Groove Commerce

“JBD has not only provided me with incredible service and quality custom clothing but they also provided my girlfriend the opportunity to have old favorites altered when I was provided with in-home tailoring services. She was able to wear clothing that hadn’t fit as good as new again. Now, we both get compliments on custom-fit clothing. It’s a win-win!”

– Rob Cossaboon, founder and CEO of Skillforce, Inc.