Choose JBD Clothiers Custom Clothing

Custom clothing is more than just another choice you have when it comes to your attire. Custom clothing is an art form that has been passed down for generations. Before mass produced clothing became widespread, custom clothing was in fact your only option. Now you have a choice of a wide range of suits at […]


How Does Dry Cleaning Work?

Dry cleaning is somewhat of a misnomer, as the process of dry cleaning is not dry at all. Dry cleaning involves the use of a chemical solvent called perc, which is short for tetrachloroethylene (percholoroethylene). The difference is that dry cleaning uses no water during the cleaning process. It is not, as the name suggests, […]


How to Protect Your Suit in the Rain

It’s been raining on and off today in Baltimore, a welcome respite from the heat of the past few days. But, if you’re wearing a suit, you’re probably concerned about how to protect it from the rain. Here are a few tips that will save you from having to take your suit in for a […]


Warm Weather Suits

While we got a brief respite from the heat here in Baltimore, it seems the thermometer is rising again. And while summer reminds us that it’s still here, you’re just hoping fall arrives soon so you’re not uncomfortable as soon as you walk out the door in the morning in your suit. But, it doesn’t […]


Wearing a Belt With a Suit

There is much debate over whether or not one should wear a belt with a suit. In this blog, we’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a belt with a suit so you can decide what look fits you best. Suits were originally made to be worn without belts. Originally, all suits were custom […]


How To Choose a Jacket Based on Your Height

When it comes to suit jackets, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Single breasted, double breasted, center vent, side vents, jacket pockets with or without flaps and the number of buttons are all customizable to suit your preferences. However, certain jackets look better based on your height, and you don’t want […]


Different Ways to Tie a Tie

When choosing a suit to wear in the morning, choosing the correct tie can make or break the suit. A lot of thought goes into a well-chosen tie, but how often do you consider the way you tie your tie? Using different knots can add a subtle but classy dynamic to your suit. Variety is […]


What to Look For When Buying a Summer Suit

It’s summertime and naturally people are out and about doing all kinds of activities. Some of these activities may be extremely formal dinner parties or film premieres. Naturally, for these events it is almost always best to go in a good looking suit. And in the summer, there are certain styles of suits that fit […]


How to Look Good in a Suit

When you buy a custom suit, you want to make sure you at least look good in it. But looking good in a suit isn’t as simple as just putting it on and heading out the door. There is a lot of preparation that goes into having a sharp look that can often be put […]


Tips on Wearing a Pocket Square with Your Custom Made Clothing

So you have made your first big step into the world of owning your own fashion with your very own custom made JBD Clothiers clothing. You are very likely feeling amazing, invincible, stylish, and comfortable. That is what custom clothing does for you. But you are wondering what you can do to further your look. […]