In Style: The right attire for a groom and his wedding party

There comes a time in many men’s lives to take a walk down the aisle and get hitched. For something that (hopefully) only happens once, you’ll want to make sure you dress right for the occasion. In days of old, all a groom had to do was rent or buy a tux, but today it’s a […]

How A Gentlemen Should Dress for the Opera or the Theater

There comes a time in the life of every gentleman when he will find himself at the theater or the opera. It may not be often, but knowing how to dress for the occasion is of the utmost importance. If you don’t attend regularly, knowing what to wear can seem intimidating and maybe even scary. […]

What to Wear For Your First Date Night

As seen in the Baltimore Business Journal By Judah Estreicher – Contributor, Baltimore Business Journal Jan 23, 2020 Happy New Year, fellas! I know we are all just recovering from the holiday season, but with the start of a new decade, it’s essential that we keep working on our style status. We can start by […]

Everything Guys Need to Know About Sweater Weather

As seen in the Baltimore Business Journal It’s officially the time of the year when chilly weather is settling in and the holidays are on the horizon. What does that mean for men’s fashion? Well, it means we have a few more options for adding depth and variety to our daily wardrobe. Today, we are […]

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Black Tie Attire

Imagine you are walking out to your mailbox. It’s fall, so the weather is brisk, the wind is blowing and it smells like crisp leaves. You grab the mail and breeze past all of the junk mail and bills. Nothing too exciting today. Until, you see an invitation from your friend for the fall fundraiser […]

Button Up for Fall With These Tips For Wearing Overcoats

Can you feel the crispness in the air? Have you seen the crowds flocking to the local coffee spot for their seasonal pumpkin spice latte fix? Fall is here and it’s the perfect time to discuss our next topic on the wardrobe journey. Now, it’s time we talk about overcoats. An overcoat is defined as […]

In Style: From color to fabric, here’s what to consider when buying a suit

In last month’s issue, we discussed jackets. This month, I want to take it a step further and talk about suits. If you think you don’t need to check out this month’s article because you never wear suits, stop right there. Every gentleman should own at least one great suit. Whether you wear it to […]

The three types of men’s suit jackets and how to wear them

Gather round gentlemen, we have a lot of important ground (or should I say shoulders) to cover today. We will be exploring the world of jackets. For the purposes of our discussion today, we will focus on three main iterations of the jacket: the suit jacket, the sport coat and the blazer. Before we dive […]

How to find the best shoes and belt to match your outfit

Hey fellas! This blog marks the halfway point in our year of exploring essential wardrobe basics. I hope you feel like you are starting to get a grasp on how to build a wardrobe that suits you and looks good at the same time. Today, we are shifting our focus down — to belts and […]


The key to making a standard dress shirt and tie stand out

So here we are — zooming through spring, but we are taking our wardrobe journey slow. We have covered so much ground together, but we still have much to discuss. The exciting part about today’s topic? We are discussing shirts and by the end of our discussion today you will be able to create a basic ensemble […]